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About the Conference

The field of cancer care has evolved over the past 20 years with the development of more aggressive cancer screening programs, improvement in diagnostic testing and more effective treatment options, including the incorporation of novel targeted therapies. As a result, despite growing extent of cancer diagnosis, the rate of successful treatment of cancer is even larger. Cancer death rates are gradually declining while cancer survivorship is steadily rising. These benefits are offset by short and long term adverse effects. Among them, cardiovascular toxicity has become a leading cause for late morbidity and mortality. While conventional chemotherapy has been known for decades to induce detrimental effects on the heart and peripheral vasculature, the novel agents might also have harmful off-target consequences.

Therefore, a need for closer collaboration between cardiologists, oncologists and hemato-oncologists arises. This clinical need has brought accelerated clinical research, as well as basic research of tumor cellular signaling and genetics, leading to expanding research interplay between these disciplines. This prompted the recent development of the new field of Cardio-Oncology.

We herein launch the third International Meeting in Cardio-oncology to be held on June 18-19, 2020 in Tel Aviv.

The main aims of this meeting are:

· To facilitate the establishment of services and develop the field of cardio-oncology in Israel;

· To bring together cardiologists, oncologists, hemato-oncologists and general practitioners from Israel and worldwide;

· To bring together national and international medical and para-medical disciplines involved, including the fields of imaging, biomarkers and others.

· To give stage for basic scientists from the clinical and basic research, as well as pharmacologic companies involved in the development of novel antineoplastic treatments with potential off-target cardiovascular effects.

· To contribute to the development of ongoing international recommendations and guidelines in the field.

The meeting agenda is developed by multidisciplinary faculty led by prominent Israeli experts in the field of cardiology, oncology and hemato-oncology with close support of relevant professional societies and International Cardio-Oncology Society (ICOS).

Dr. Zaza Iakobishvili, MD, PhD, FESC
Israel, Founder and Chair of the Meeting

Prof. Dan Gilon, MD, FESC, FACC
Israel, Founder and Chair of the Meeting

Prof. Daniel Lenihan, MD, FACC
USA, International Co-Chair of the Meeting, President of International Cardio-oncology Society North America (ICOSNA)