Registration Abstract Submission


1. Common Pathways in Cardiovascular disease and Cancer Development

2. Cardiovascular disease prevention in cancer survivors

3. Breast cancer therapy related cardiotoxicity

4. Hematologic cancer related cardiotoxicity

5. Pediatric cardio-oncology

6. Multiple myeloma and cardiac amyloidosis

7. Arrhythmias in cardio-oncology

8. Thrombosis and thrombo-prophylaxis in cancer patients

9. Cancer patients with chest pain

10. Pericardial and valvular disease in cancer patients

11. Cardiovascular risk assessment and management for cancer therapy

12. Pulmonary hypertension and cancer

13. Imaging in cardio-oncology

14. Biomarkers in cardio-oncology

15. Radiation and cardiovascular disease

16. Cancer Immunotherapy

17. Specific cancers and related cardiovascular problems

18. Endocrinology, Cancer and Cardio-Oncology (Diabetes and more)